Garden Gate - Magic Lantern - Yellow Vinyl


Format: Vinyl
Label: Clay Pipe Music
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 5057998003877

Magic Lantern - Yellow Vinyl
Artist: Garden Gate
Format: Vinyl


1. Company (Main theme)
2. A stroll among the tombs
3. A kiss like soil smells after the rain
4. Touched (Main theme)
5. Two days until Halloween
6. Psychometric prophecy
7. Magic lantern (Main theme)
8. European cigarettes
9. Sea legs (Main theme)
10. Flesh and flies
11. Cornflower eyes
12. A powerful beast of the universe
13. Secrets
14. Rose window (Main theme)
15. Cheap maroon lipstick
16. The overgrown church
17. Lace and blood
18. A blank and staring eye
19. The final vision
20. Mayfair (Main theme)
21. Cape May tomatoes
22. My body like driftwood
23. Blooming in the crevices
24. A feral and lazy grin
25. Her voice was sonorous and lovely

More Info:

After her time with Brown Recluse, a bittersweet psych-pop sextet, and White Candles, a Radiophonic Workshop-inspired electronic duo, Meskers merged the qualities of both groups into a new project and the first Garden Gate single, Houses, appeared in 2016 on Good Behavior Records. Following this, came a clutch of acclaimed releases on labels such as Sunstone and Library of the Occult, notably The Dark Harvest LP (which received a 5-star review in Shindig) and the sought-after 2021 LP, Blood Mansion, an original score for a conceptual horror film.