Loureiro, Nuno - Lua Onus


Format: Vinyl
Label: Superpang
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 5057998691227

Lua Onus
Artist: Loureiro, Nuno
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Nuno Loureiro disfigures sound into an array of urban memories. His music evokes an ambient sensitivity crafted from subtly ascending melodies, often eschewing the rhythmic beat. Sonic landscapes soaring in the stratosphere yet maintaining a grounded, soulful essence. Lua Onus sees Nuno Loureiro stepping into the light for the first time, shedding the anonymity of a moniker. The album, released on Superpang, takes pride in it's minimalism, which proves effective in conjuring dreamlike experiences, even transcending them, serving as a gentle liftoff, seemingly attempting to break free from the overwhelming everyday experiences that both entice and repel us. Prior to Lua Onus, Nuno had been producing music under various aliases, including mada treku and lorr no, among others, mostly released under the umbrella of the local Porto collective Favela Discos. His journey has led him to collaborate with Richie Culver, with whom he co-produced and mixed Culver's records, such as Post Traumatic Fantasy, I Was Born By The Sea and Scream If You Don't Exist (featuring Moor Mother, Rainy Miller and billy woods).