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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/09/2020
UPC: 5060105495021

Orgasm: 50th Anniversary [Remastered] (Uk)
Artist: Head Machine
Format: CD


1. Climax - You Tried to Take It All
2. Make the Feeling Last
3. You Must Come with Me
4. The Girl Who Loved, the Girl Who Loved
5. Orgasm
6. The First Time
7. Scattering Seeds

More Info:

Head Machine's Orgasm album was recorded in 1969 and this is the FIRST OFFICIAL RE-RELEASE of the album since 1971. Every previous re-release since then has been a counterfeit. The album features four members of The Gods: Ken Hensley (also of Uriah Heep), Lee Kerslake (also of Uriah Heep), John Glascock (also of Jethro Tull), Brian Glascock. This 50th Anniversary Edition has been given a 2020 re-mastering and is better sound quality than any previous edition. The booklet features new liner notes by producer David Paramor, who has approved this re-release, plus additional new comments from Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake and Brian Glascock.