Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/03/2022
UPC: 5060262793312

Complete Songs (2pk)
Artist: Barber / Barron / Sedgewi
Format: CD

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Featuring a stellar cast of performers, and curated by pianist Dylan Perez, this complete anthology of Samuel Barber's songs present those works published during his lifetime, together with those published posthumously, some of which are recorded here for the first time. Barber was clear as to what he wanted from very early in his life, and this strength of character and courage to follow his path is heard throughout Barber's significant contribution to the genre. At a time when American classical music was heavily influenced by experimentalism, Barber's inclination for 'traditional' harmony and melody helped set him apart. Barber's vocal music demonstrates the ease he finds in the marriage of text and music. The Navarra String Quartet join the line-up for Dover Beach, Op. 3.