Format: Vinyl
Label: PLZ Make It Ruins
Rel. Date: 11/18/2022
UPC: 5060263729945

Eros In The Bunker
Artist: Double Virgo
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Despite seven sprawling digital releases since October 2020, Double Virgo are still as elusive as they are prolific. The London duo (who make up two thirds of Bar Italia) prefer not to talk too much about their loose-limbed, full-hearted grunge songs. Now, as they prepare to release their richest EP yet via Vegyn's PLZ Make It Ruins label, the pair can already count amongst their fans lo-fi auteurs such as Dean Blunt, Mica Levi and Yves Tumor. 'Eros In The Bunker' is characteristically off-the- cuff, with an undertone of darkness at the same time. That's how Double Virgo songs feel: instinctive, easy and light, like something you heard years ago blasting out of a car radio in the '90s - and yet at the same time, deceptively raw and real.