Format: Vinyl
Label: IE:TOO
Rel. Date: 06/25/2021
UPC: 5060650630601

Where Should I End
Artist: Saint Sister
Format: Vinyl


1. My Brilliant Friend
2. Dynamite
3. Karaoke Song
4. The Place That I Work (FT. Lisa Hannigan)
5. Irish Hour
6. Date Night
7. Oh My God Oh Canada
8. Manchester Air
9. House 9
10. Any Dreams?

More Info:

'Where I Should End' is the sophomore album release from Saint Sister, recorded with Rían Trench in The Meadow, Co. Wicklow, and mixed in Berlin with Benedikt MacIsaac. Written on and off the tour cycle of their debut album 'Where I Should End' seeks to find meaning in a world that doesn't stand still. Doherty and MacIntyre challenged themselves to create a distinctive and audible shift in their sound. There's a playfulness, a messiness that was never there before and where vulnerability is laid out in broad daylight, subtle jokes pierce the darkness. Retaining layered, folk-driven harmonies in shared verses and the bones of traditional music in melodies, they go bigger with the instrumentation; adding synths, drum machines and electronic pulses to reflect the lives that they lead.