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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/13/2021
UPC: 5060906790011

Saxred Gin (Ep)
Artist: Obijuan & Philanthrope
Format: Vinyl


1. Poison Ivy
2. Red Ring
3. Watch Tower (Feat. Looms. )
4. Cyberpack
5. Hendricks (Skit)
6. Crooked Visor
7. Poison Ivy (Instrumental)
8. Bush Barmann (Instrumental)
9. Red Ring (Instrumental)
10. Watch Tower (Instrumental)
11. Cyberpack (Instrumental)
12. Crooked Visor (Instrumental)

More Info:

SAXRED GIN is a collaborative EP from Obijuan & Philanthrope. Raw, uncompromising hip hop created during a time of intense frustration. They linked with the goal of writing and recording in the quickest, most militant manner possible without sacrificing quality. Obijuan has previously worked with Lord Apex, Dylantheinfamous, GRiMM DOZA and Drae Da Skimask. Philanthrope is part of the Chill Hop collective in the Netherlands.