Slow Fiction - Crush - Cherry Cola [Colored Vinyl] (Red)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/24/2024
UPC: 5060998462537

Crush - Cherry Cola [Colored Vinyl] (Red)
Artist: Slow Fiction
Format: Vinyl


1. Monday
2. Apollo
3. End of the Night
4. There Were Stars In Your Eyes
5. January

More Info:

Cherry Cola Vinyl. Forming out of a tapestry of hometown friendships and college connections, Slow Fiction emerged into a music scene fragmented by lockdowns. They grew closer as restrictions dropped away and audiences grew, using the shifts to experiment with their material and reach more expansive and formidable levels. The final product is a landmine of sound, inspired by the raw, sweeping fuzz of the likes of Sonic Youth and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Familiar elements of noughties era guitar shine through, confronted with cutting contemporary angst to create a nostalgic yet intoxicating sound. As the band's confidence grew through their live shows they were liberated, taking all they had learnt in order to begin working on "a lot more cohesive and bigger sounding" project. Slow Fiction are quickly beginning to establish themselves as one of the most riveting and engaging live bands emerging from the bubbling scene of New York right now. This EP goes further to prove their potential, borrowing notes of nostalgia and pairing it with hard hitting truths and indisputable emotional weight. The masterful intertwining of personal anguish with the array of musical inspirations and fuzzy, intoxicating tones makes Slow Fiction one of the most exciting acts emerging right now, and this EP is just the beginning.