Tom Salta - Outlast Trials - O.S.T.


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 5063176014016

Outlast Trials - O.S.T.
Artist: Tom Salta
Format: Vinyl


1. Let the Trials Begin
2. Forget the Past
3. Triage
4. Clean Slate
5. Too Many Cooks
6. A Night at the Theatre
7. Meet Dr. Futterman
8. Grind Your Problems Away
9. The Weight of Memories
10. I Love It Here
11. Permanent Record
12. Let Go of the Past
13. Burden of Skeletons
14. Every Last Bastard
15. My Little Piece of Heaven
16. You Don't Have to Do This
17. We Got Laws Around Here
18. The Promise of a Dark Room
19. Snitch
20. Well Done
21. A Place So Wonderful
22. No Rules at the Fair
23. Come to the Fair
24. Killjoys Aren't Allowed Here
25. The Root Canal
26. Dental Hygiene Time
27. Brush Your Teeth
28. High and Dry
29. Punish Them, Daddy
30. Covent Garden Nuns
31. Little Angels
32. Can't Get It Out of Your Head
33. A Cross to Bear
34. Motherless Children
35. We're All Getting Better Together

More Info:

Red Barrels and Laced Records are putting their co-op partnership to the test with the release of Tom Salta's deeply unsettling soundtrack for The Outlast Trials on good ol' fashioned vinyl. The complete 35-track soundtrack has been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed to heavyweight LPs. These come in printed inner sleeves alongside a liner notes insert (with messages from the composer & audio director), all housed in a widespined outer sleeve with artwork by the Red Barrels team. Composer Tom Salta (Deathloop, PUBG, Halo) is a master of both modern scoring techniques and 20th-century period music. The Outlast Trials boasts a varied horror soundtrack with chilling audio production wizardry and unusual orchestral and musique concrète techniques serving as the building blocks for atmospheric cues. These are complemented by an unnerving faux mid-century jingle, jazzy lift muzak, honky tonk piano, and more diegetic ditties. Salta uses the language of music to immerse people in a nightmarish emotional dimension, supporting all the gruesome experiences that players will encounter.a