Answering Machine - Another City, Another Story


Format: CD
Label: HEHI
Rel. Date: 09/28/2010
UPC: 5065001407109

Another City, Another Story
Artist: Answering Machine
Format: CD


1. Another City Another Sorry
2. Obviously Cold
3. Oh Christina
4. Tomorrow
5. Cliffer
6. Emergency
7. Oklahoma
8. Lightbulbs
9. It's Over It's Over It's Over 1
10. The Information 1
11. You Should Have Called

More Info:

2009 debut album from the Manchester Indie Pop band. Another City, Another Sorry plots a path from all night parties into the dawn of youthful realization, the steps in-between and ultimately what comes next. If music's revered social commentators are typically southern based, The Answering Machine are taking the North by the scruff of the neck, and presenting it with an assured understanding. The Answering Machine have been building up to the release of their debut album for two years but trust US it was worth the wait. Mixing some older classics like 'Oklahoma' and 'Oh Christina' with newer brilliant tunes such as 'Emergency' and 'Cliffer', this is a band ready to be massive.