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Format: CD
Label: SLZS
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 5200328701091

A Philosopher At The End Of The Universe
Artist: Darzamat
Format: CD

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More Info:

Darzamat, a Polish atmospheric dark metal band formed back to 1995. After a few initial releases (In the Flames of Black Art, Oniriad and the MCD In the Opium of Black Veil), the founding member Flauros (voc) managed to gather musicians who have since been identified as the band's core: guitar players Chris and Daamr, female vocalist Nera and keyboard player Spectre. The album Semidevilish, released in 2004, established the sound of the newly consolidated band. Next year released Transkarpatia, a major leap forward. Produced by Andy LaRocque, the legendary guitarist of King Diamond, got the force it deserved. Darzamat started to play in European festivals as Rock Hard Open, Wave Gothic Treffen, etc. The band played also in Balkan states, Central Europe and also embarked on tours supporting Sabaton in Benelux and Moonspell in Poland. The year 2007 saw the band again on stages, and they released a DVD album, Live Profanity. In 2009 they signed with Massacre Records and delivered their 5th album, Solfernus' Path. It was their 1st concept album. Andy LaRocque was guest-musician. 2 songs 'Pain Collector' and 'Chimera' made videos. Another European tour followed. In 2011 the band took a long deserved break. Nera with her solo project, NeraNature, released 3 albums so far. Flauros reformed Mastiphal. In 2019 Darzamat announced a new release! The fans can expect another concept album, picking up the story right where it's predecessor left off. Flauros revealed that this chapter takes place in London and the lyrics for the album were penned by him and a writer, Jesion Kowal. Musically, the album opens a new era in Darzamat's history, gone are the keyboards, up till now characteristically prominent. In their place the band inserts more diversified and complex guitar sounds. Pre-production made by Maurycy 'Mauser' Stefanowicz of Vader, production and mixing were handled by Jaroslaw Baran. The record is due for a much anticipated release in autumn 2020.