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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 5397102176050

That'll Flat Git It 36: Rockabilly & Rock / Var
Artist: That'll Flat Git It 36: Rockabilly & Rock / Var
Format: CD


1. Jimmy Dee ; the Offbeats - Here I Come
2. Ray Campi with John and Henry - Catapillar
3. Jerry Dove ; His String Dusters - Pink Bow Tie
4. Dottie Jones - Honey Honey
5. Jimmy Dee ; the Offbeats - You're Late Miss Kate
6. Ray Liberto - Wicked, Wicked Woman
7. The Blue Notes - I Love Her
8. The Delatones - Little Jeanie
9. Bill Morrison ; His Band - Set Me Free
10. The Traits - One More Time
11. Jimmy Dee - I Feel Like Rockin'
12. Glenn Reeves ; His Town and Country Playboys - I Ain't Got Room to Rock
13. Bill Morrison - Baby Be Good
14. Ray Campi with John and Henry - Play It Cool
15. Cecil Moore ; the Notes - I Got It Bad
16. The Traits - Live It Up
17. Ray Stone - China Doll
18. Chuck Goddard - Living Myself to Death
19. Jimmy Dee ; the Offbeats - Henrietta
20. Cecil Moore ; the Notes - Trapped
21. Jimmy Dee ; the Offbeats - Don't Cry No More
22. Johnny Olenn ; the Jokers - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
23. Ray Liberto - I Want You to Love Me Tonight
24. Dan Virva ; the Flying 'D' Ramblers - Duck Tail Cat
25. Betty Barnes with Doug and the Swingboys - Pepinest, Pettinest Pappy
26. Curley Lipham with Good Time Charlie and His Ramblin' Playboys - Start, Step, Stop, Chop
27. Jimmy Dee - Rock-Tick-Tock
28. The Traits - Don't Be Blue
29. Jimmie Burton - Wild River
30. Lonnie Lillie - Truck Drivers Special
31. Sandy Ford - Cat Man Boogie
32. Leon Payne - My Ship of Dreams
33. Bill Anderson - No Song to Sing
34. Joe B. ; Charlie Davis - Shut Your Big Fat Mouth

More Info:

-Bear Family's revisit to the history of the Texas TNT label in our unique CD series 'That'll Flat Git It!' focuses on the rockers Robert Tanner produced in the 1950s. -The most important label from Southwest Texas at the time released outstanding recordings by country legends, rockabilly greats and accomplished rock 'n' rollers. -Bill Anderson, Ray Campi, Jimmy Dee, Glenn Reeves, Roy Head - just to throw a few names into the ring. -Extensive liner notes by music historian Bill Dahl with the story of TNT Records and detailed notes on each recording in the comprehensive, fully illustrated booklet, which comes with a high-quality 6-page Digipak. The vast Texas recording legacies of Houston and Dallas have been celebrated for more than half a century, and rightly so-the Lone Star State's expansive musical smorgasbord is as impressive and wide-ranging as that of any state in America. But what of San Antonio, currently America's seventh largest metropolis? It's high time to pay tribute to San Antonio's top label during the 1950s, Robert Tanner's TNT Records-and that's exactly what Bear Family is doing with the latest entry in it's celebrated 'That'll Flat Git It' series. It's jam-packed with country legends (Leon Payne, Bill Anderson, Lonnie Lillie), raging rockabilly (Ray Campi, Cecil Moore, Jerry Dove, The Delatones, Dan Virva), and thundering R&B-laced rock and roll (Glenn Reeves, Ray Liberto, The Blue Notes, Jimmy Dee, Johnny Olenn and The Jokers, and Roy Head's group, The Traits), nearly all of it sinfully rare. Tanner had the San Antonio recording scene all sewn up from 1953 into the early '60s - and his TNT label packed sonic dynamite!