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Format: CD
Label: BURD
Rel. Date: 12/11/2020
UPC: 5400863038618

Artist: Landshapes
Format: CD


1. Rosemary
2. Siberia
3. Drama
4. The Ring
5. Real Love is DeadI'm Mortal
6. Dizzee
7. Let Me Be
8. Just A Plug
9. Conductor

More Info:

After the voyages of self-discovery on their 2013 debut, Rambutan, and the wide-open reach of sophomore album, Heyoon, Contact pays testimony to Landshapes's questing spirit. The album came together after extensive touring, where the band's shape-shifting hybrids of alt-folk, psychedelia and math-rock brimmed with brooding beauty. The salient themes of our times - loneliness, isolation, alienation, the need for connection and community - resonate with a haunting, predictive and vital power. Contact digs deep into the past, looks ahead to the future and burns with vivid life in the present. The mind-expanding soundscapes, beguiling melodies and resonating emotions from this London four-piece exude a tremendous in-the-moment vibrancy.