Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/16/2022
UPC: 5400863057343

Artist: Julien Chang
Format: Vinyl


1. Heart Holiday
2. Marmalade
3. Sweet Obsolete
4. Snakebit
5. Snakebit Side
6. Time And Place
7. Bellarose
8. Ethical Exceptions
9. Crossed Paths
10. Queen Of Sheba
11. Competition's Friend

More Info:

The follow-up to his acclaimed debut album, Jules, The Sale was recorded partially in Julien Chang's hometown of Baltimore and partially in his dorm room at Princeton. The album reflects a discrepancy between two worlds, a struggle to get comfortable in either of them, and ultimately an artistic fascination with this very struggle. Chang's compositional and lyrical expressions of this fascination were informed in many ways by his studies at Princeton-culminating in a thesis on the work of Karl Marx and Martin Heidegger entitled "Ideology and Anxiety." The Sale delivers these themes under the cover of pop-forms, aimed first of all at awakening the instinct to dance, and only then, to think.