Philip Selway - Live At Evolution Studios


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/22/2023
UPC: 5400863146108

Live At Evolution Studios
Artist: Philip Selway
Format: Vinyl


1. The Heart of It All
2. Picking Up Pieces
3. People of the Sea
4. The Other Side
5. Little Things
6. Check for Signs of Life
7. There'll Be Better Days
8. Songs for Us

More Info:

Live At Evolution is a companion piece of sorts to Philip Selway's recent released album, Strange Dance. This superb new live recording features Selway collaborating with celebrated string quartet, Elysian Collective, and percussionist Chris Vatalaro, to reimagine his songs in a slimmed-down setting. Commenting on the album Selway says: "I originally brought this ensemble together to play at the launch event for Strange Dance, as I felt this combination of string quartet and percussion, together with my vocals, piano and guitar would be a compact way to capture the scope of the varied musical textures on the album. I was so made up with how it sounded and how it reframed the songs, that I wanted to capture this dynamic in a recording." As well as songs from Strange Dance, there is also a version one of his soundtrack pieces, "People Of The Sea" as well as a track called "Song For Us" - written as a pitch piece for a TV show.