While She Sleeps - Self Hell - Silver Nugget [Colored Vinyl] (Slv)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/29/2024
UPC: 5401148004649

Self Hell - Silver Nugget [Colored Vinyl] (Slv)
Artist: While She Sleeps
Format: Vinyl


1. Peace of Mind
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Rainbows
4. Self Hell
5. Wildfire
6. No Feeling Is Final (Feat. Aether)
7. Dopesick (Feat. Fin Power - Stone)
8. Down (Feat. Malevolence)
9. To the Flowers
10. Out of the Blue
11. Enemy Mentality
12. Radical Hatred
13. Radical Love

More Info:

Silver Nugget Vinyl. "In a strange way, this feels like a second debut, we have the same excitement and nervousness around releasing it, like it's the first step of the band's career." While she Sleeps' youthful inspirations have taken to the forefront on SELF HELL. Drawing inspiration from an array of artists outside the typical metalcore scene, each member has brought in a different perspective so far apart in genre - from Kendrick Lamar and Aphex Twin to Janes Addiction and Placebo - that it has created a diverse and satisfying sonic palette. On past records, the weight of the writing process rested on a few members. SELF HELL is a reimagined version of the band where the combination of each member's desires and ideas created a musical fusion. The name of the album is the foundation of how the band view themselves and the world. "Everyone has a subjective experience like no other. Yet the constant that binds us, is the differences between us and the fact that we are all suffering in our own way." While She Sleeps will continue to keep the world guessing on what they will do next. "This is a spiritual venture that we have to keep alive, moving, and constantly in flux. We do this by scaring ourselves with things we are not supposed to do."