Ronker - Fear Is a Funny Thing, Now Smile Like a Big Boy


Format: CD
Label: Labelman
Rel. Date: 05/10/2024
UPC: 5430002862835

Fear Is a Funny Thing, Now Smile Like a Big Boy
Artist: Ronker
Format: CD


1. Professional Facebreaker
2. Kennedy
3. Slow Murder
4. Fear :)
5. Denderslijk
6. Boys in the Elevator
7. Hiit
8. Black Toast
9. Wallswallswalls
10. Hools
11. Ballad of the Big Boys

More Info:

Formed in 2020 in the heart of the swampland of Belgium, Ronker's music can be described as a mix between Danzig-era Misfits and Helmet, as well as equally influenced by the earliest of hardcore-punk and 90's alternative guitar music. Fear Is A Funny Thing Now Smile Like A Big Boy, is not only an ode to celebrating naivety, the album is deliberately unpolished and playful. It's a kind of DUPLO-metal, opting for simplicity and a broad color palette. While Ronker's anger was initially internal, it's now more extraverted and outspoken. Self-hatred has given way to the fear of growing up. Throughout the album, the band shifts the narrative and mocks the need for rat racing and conformity in beige tones. The band sounds hungry, nervous, and indulges in it's bipolair nature. In their concoction there are bits of hardcore, blended with noise, indie, prog and punk.