Format: CD
Label: Wild Kingdom
Rel. Date: 11/25/2022
UPC: 5553555001145

One Finger Salute
Artist: Finnegans Hell
Format: CD


1. What Have You Got in the End?
2. One Finger Salute
3. Mickey Finn
4. Read My Lips
5. Godforsaken Town
6. Run Boy Run
7. Comin After You
8. Ill Make It Up to You
9. Nothing Left to Lose
10. Oh Death

More Info:

Finnegan's Hell has spawned a new subgenre within Celtic punk and folk rock by adding influences from hard rock, hillbilly country and Swedish folk. What the press has labeled "The New Wave Of Swedish Celtic Punk", takes no prisoners. With the focus on great melodies and sing-alongs, "One Finger Salute" is an album which will stand the test of time.