Stratege - Anthology 81-84


Format: CD
Label: Lost Realm Records
Rel. Date: 05/03/2024
UPC: 5601218180949

Anthology 81-84
Artist: Stratege
Format: CD


1. Arkham
2. Gardien de Men Nuits
3. L'ankou
4. Les Coups
5. L'amour Perdu
6. Orion
7. La Haine
8. Les Noces de Sang
9. Highway to Love
10. Victoire
11. Dagon
12. Le Disciple
13. La Ville
14. Utaz
15. Hey Man

More Info:

We are back with a new chapter of the Portuguese-French Metal Connection: a partnership between Lost Realm Records and Under Siege Records. After three chapters already concluded, with the release of LEGEND, DRIFTER and CAPAHARNAÜM, we are happy to bring you another lost band from the prolific French heavy metal scene of the 80s. We present STRATEGE and it's anthology in CD format, comprising a total of 15 songs with the band's best demo recordings between 1981 and 1984. Essential for all fans of metal sung in French, we are happy to bring you this key piece of metal history, unveiling and clearly affirming STRATEGE as another name to retain from the inception of the French metal scene. If you are into bands such as WARNING, SORTILEGE or BLASPHEME, this release is definitely for you. This deluxe edition will include a 20-page booklet with extensive biography (written both in English and French) and lots of rare band photos.