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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 5902547016924

Choral Works
Artist: Pallasz / Siadlak
Format: CD

More Info:

"From song to symphony, from the Bim-Bom theatre to radio orchestral recordings, from theatre music to performances at the 'Warsaw Autumn' International Festival of Contemporary Music. Indeed, it was a career 'on it's own note,' as the subtitle of Edward Pallasz's (1936-2019) memoirs says. Surprisingly, the memoirs are devoid of regret that the creator of the Symphony '1976' was not allowed to complete his studies in composition, despite having studying music at lower levels. The road to a genuine success was complicated, winding and full of adventures and discoveries; moreover, the composer's style that emerged on that journey was free from temporary trends or ideological obligations." The present album includes a number of works that perfectly illustrate the ease with which Edward Pallasz employed various types of compositional techniques related to the choral music.