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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/24/2020
UPC: 5903818663380

Plays Lebowski (Gate) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Lebowski
Format: Vinyl


1. A1 Intro (Marche Pour la Cérémonie Des Turcs) 2:13
2. A2 Cinematic 8:06
3. A3 Iceland 7:03
4. B4 the Last King 7:56
5. B5 Galactica 6:32
6. B6 Mirage Avenue 6:43
7. C7 Goodbye My Joy 5:41
8. C8 Buongiorno 4:59
9. C9 Mirador 5:42 1
10. D10 Once in a Blue Moon 8:44 1
11. D11 the Doosanway 10:47

More Info:

Lebowski is a band whose style is referred to as 'music to a non-existent film', a mixture of art rock, progressive rock and film music. "Lebowski Plays Lebowski" is a live album containing 9 tracks, including 6 premiere tracks. It is a recording of the band's performance on the Tennis Music Festival in Poland. The album was very well received by music critics and fans. 2 black vinyl, gatefold, limited edition 300 copies