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Format: CD
Label: SELD
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 5907996084364

Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy
Artist: Dira Mortis
Format: CD

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More Info:

The third full length of Poland based band Dira Mortis brings forth seven intense, massive and crushing death metal songs influenced by bands like Incantation, Immolation and Autopsy. "Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthrophy" was recorded, mixed and mastered in Roslyn Studios with producer Krzysztof Godycki (Kult Mogil, Morda Stigmata, Stillborn, Ulcer). Dira Mortis came into existence in 1998 in Gorlice, Poland, and continues to serve a powerful dose of ominous cemetery stench death metal. To date, the band has released records through the likes of Defense Records and Let It Bleed, with two full-length albums among a long line of demos, EPs, and more fleshing out their discography. In 2014, a compilation featuring the band's early demos called Rusty Razor Cuts was released, and the following year, the band released their second album, Psalms Of Morbid Existence, which was highly appreciated in the music press and was promoted on many shows in Poland. DIRA MORTIS has played live alongside the likes of Marduk, Immolation, Parricide, Deformed, Antigama, Hypnos, Patologicum, Terrordome, and Chaos Synopsis.