Format: CD
Label: BMC Records
Rel. Date: 08/18/2023
UPC: 5998309303050

J. S. Bach: 12 And 6 Preludes; Inventions And Sinfonias
Artist: Dobozy, Borbala
Format: CD


1. Prelude in C, BWV 924
2. Prelude in C, BWV 939
3. Prelude in C, BWV 999
4. Prelude in D, BWV 925
5. Prelude in D, BWV 926
6. Prelude in D, BWV 940
7. Prelude in E, BWV 941
8. Prelude in F, BWV 927
9. Prelude in F, BWV 928
10. Prelude in G, BWV 929
11. Prelude in G, BWV 930
12. Prelude in a, BWV 942
13. Prelude in C, BWV 933
14. Prelude in C, BWV 934
15. Prelude in D, BWV 935
16. Prelude in D, BWV 936
17. Prelude in E, BWV 937
18. Prelude in E, BWV 838
19. Invention in C
20. Sinfonia in C
21. Invention in C
22. Sinfonia in C
23. Invention in D
24. Sinfonia in D
25. Invention in D
26. Sinfonia in D
27. Invention in Es
28. Sinfonia in Es
29. Invention in E
30. Sinfonia in E
31. Invention in E
32. Sinfonia in E
33. Invention in F
34. Sinfonia in F
35. Invention in F
36. Sinfonia in F
37. Invention in G
38. Sinfonia in G
39. Invention in G
40. Sinfonia in G
41. Invention in a
42. Sinfonia in a
43. Invention in a
44. Sinfonia in a
45. Invention in B
46. Sinfonia in B
47. Invention in H
48. Sinfonia in H

More Info:

Borbála Dobozy was born in Budapest. She began her university harpsichord studies with Zuzana Ruzicková in Bratislava then continued at the Prague Academy of music (also with her) where she earned her diploma with distinction. In the following years she studied historic performance practice at the Salzburg Mozarteum - again graduating with distinction - with Liselotte Brändle, Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Johann Sonnleitner. Later she also studied with Sonnleitner for a year at the Zürich Academy of Music. A major landmark in her career came in 1983 when she won a prize at the International Harpsichord Competition in Brugge, Belgium, to which she was invited back as a jury member in 2001. With her leadership the harpsichord faculty in Szeged department of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music came into existence (1993). She has held harpsichord courses on several occasions in Hungary, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belorussia, Slovenia and Serbia. She was long time a teacher at the annual early music course "Brillamment Baroque" in Thoiry (France). She has given concerts in most countries of Europe as well as the United States and has made radio/TV recordings and CDs. Borbála Dobozy's artistic work focuses on the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach: she has played almost all of his compositions for the harpsichord, including all the orchestral and chamber works. In 2010, her recording of the Goldberg Variations released in the Czech Republic earned high praise. The Czech music journal Hudební rozhledy wrote: "... Not only is the artist technically skilled, and thus able to play even the hardest variations with marvellous ease, but she also has a perfect feel for Bach's music. Her thoughtful interpretation is based on the way she handles time, the tempo of each variation, and a detailed working out of articulation, which gives even more impetus to the pieces... It represents the highest standards of performance."