Format: CD
Label: Urtext Records
Rel. Date: 12/23/2022
UPC: 600685103333

Mexican Blues
Artist: Gordillo / Duo Naran / Chejin
Format: CD

More Info:

Whoever listens to this album will find him or herself in that state of suspension and euphoria that we feel when we witness an eclipse. Naran Duo manages to fuse the splendor of the sun and the mystery of the moon, an erotic and playful transposition, in a luminous darkness. But in this material, nothing is eclipsed, everything is heightened. Piano and voice form a prodigious entity: an instant of co-creation, where the song appears to be unfolding as one listens. Inspired by the image of an eclipse -which is what the word "Naran" means in the Triqui language- these songs are the daughters of an astral conjunction, of a delicate fusion of feminine and masculine, verbal, and musical attributes. Vitality and tenderness run through all the themes. Authenticity shapes them. It is a naturalness achieved thanks to the technical excellence both in the piano and vocally, but dominated by the spiritual empathy between two artists. Felipe and Nazira offer us friendly, dual, enchanting music. They make notes and words dance together. They vibrate in unison. They fly in parallel.