Grace Pettis - Down To The Letter [Digipak]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/14/2024
UPC: 601937470227

Down To The Letter [Digipak]
Artist: Grace Pettis
Format: CD


1. Rain
2. Horses
3. I Didn't Break This
4. Sobering Up
5. I Take Care of Me Now
6. Wild
7. Joy
8. Thousand Times a Day
9. The Better and the Worst
10. Vivian
11. Year of Losing Things
12. When Nobody's Watching

More Info:

Grace Pettis' much-anticipated sophomore MPress Records release, Down To The Letter, pulls no punches and captures the Nashville-based, Austin-raised singer-songwriter at the peak of her songwriting powers. Chronicling the end of a long-term relationship with heartbreaking detail, lyrics deftly toe the line between personal autobiography and universal catharsis. Produced by Mary Bragg, the album showcases Pettis' shimmering voice, perhaps one of the most dynamic and agile of her generation. CD Packaging: CD Digipak