Format: Vinyl
Label: Harvest
Rel. Date: 08/27/2021
UPC: 602435572741

Capitol Cuts - Live From Studio A [LP]
Artist: Donna Missal
Format: Vinyl


1. Hurt By You
2. Who Loves You
3. Best Friend
4. Just Like You
5. Let You Let Me Down
6. How Does It Feel

More Info:

Donna says, “I got to a point in writing the album that I had said everything I wanted to say about someone else fucking up. I wanted to talk about the role I played in letting something consume me and burn me down. In ‘Let You Let Me Down,’ I'm addressing that I need to change too, so I don't rebuild myself the same way but come back from it stronger and better.” Capitol Cuts – Live From Studio A features artists’ one-take performances, recorded direct to vinyl at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.