Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/10/2021
UPC: 602438422241

Higher Place: Anniversary Edition [Beige LP]
Artist: Skip Marley
Format: Vinyl


1. Higher Place
2. Make Me Feel
3. Slow Down
4. My World
5. Faith
6. No Love
7. That's Not True
8. Slow Down
9. Make Me Feel

More Info:

Skip Marley releases the Anniversary Edition of his debut EP, HIGHER PLACE. Featuring 2 bonus tracks: "Slow Down (Afrobeat Remix)" feat. DaVido & Oxlade and the previously unreleased "Make Me Feel (Dub Mix)" feat. Ari Lennox. HIGHER PLACE is a call to action to his generation and fans to inspire people to ascend to a higher place of love and consciousness. It includes new ideas, experiences, and wisdom passed down the Marley lineage that he likes to call "Marley Mantras." Beige LP.


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