Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/02/2022
UPC: 602445899975

Homecoming (Hol)
Artist: Christian Muthspiel / Orjazztra Vienna
Format: CD


1. The Flight of the Crane
2. Homecoming
3. Old Wine in New Skins
4. Jungle Fugue
5. She Cries Out Loud
6. Breathing Underwater
7. Tribal Dance
8. Woman and Man
9. Open Strings
10. Roots, Trunk, Crown
11. For the Last of Their Kind
12. Requiem for a Blue Planet

More Info:

Christian Muthspiel/Orjazztra Vienna - "Homecoming (Live)" Muthspiel's work with the "Orjazztra" is all about exploring musical avenues, fathoming the individuals that travel them and then - like an adventurous architect - constructing novel, unique soundscapes where the orchestra's members can live out their passion with equal relish. Listening to the album (recorded in March 2021 during the COVID pandemic), the ensemble's remarkable ability to perform live with such inspiration and intensity, even in the absence of an audience, soon becomes clear.