Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/07/2023
UPC: 602455744968

Record Kicks
Artist: Calibro 35
Format: Vinyl


1. Apnea
2. Extraordinaire
3. Gun Powder
4. Ottofante
5. Dinamometro
6. Mompracem
7. Eteretaco
8. Novecento e Mille
9. Bolero!
10. Milan au 30ème siècle

More Info:

Italian cult cinematic combo Calibro 35 announces the release of the new album NOUVELLES AVENTURES. The album will be available on limited edition Crystal Clear vinyl next June 30th via Record Kicks. After last year's Scacco Al Maestro, the 2 tribute-albums dedicated to "il maestro" Ennio Morricone, followed by the "Calibro 35 plays Morricone" tour and the releasing of the ost of TV drama series Blanca, Calibro 35 are back with NOUVELLES AVENTURES, a new studio album of original material. NOUVELLES AVENTURES was recorded in Naples at Auditorium Novecento, the former Phonotype Records, one of the most legendary and fascinating Italian recording studios. The new LP sees the group making full use of their knowledge and resources, refined and enriched over the years, back to making "Calibro's music": a unique mix of funk, progressive rock, alternative jazz and wide-spectrum cinematic music the public has known them for in fifteen years of career. "After a couple of intense and stimulating years playing Morricone and writing music for the TV drama Blanca", Calibro 35 said, "we had a great desire to make new inspired music. To do so, we left home and we shut ourselves up in the splendid space-time capsule that is the Auditorium Novecento studio. The result is a series of musical voyages in which we concentrated all our artistic and human experiences. As in Verne's imaginary and extraordinary journeys, we explored distant places where we had never been before. We then happened to return to more familiar shores and discover them with new eyes without realizing it. We borrowed the title NOUVELLES AVENTURES from György Ligeti, precisely because after fifteen years of building ourselves, we are ready for new adventures". NOUVELLES AVENTURES was anticipated by the first extract "EXTRAORDINAIRE", an almost 6-minute song that once again confirms the band's aptitude for the exploration of unpredictable sound territories: a music that, on one hand sounds liquid and abstract, while on the other, it cuts through the psychedelic mists, with a complex architecture.