R.Y.F. - Deep Dark Blue


Format: Vinyl
Label: Universal Italy
Rel. Date: 04/12/2024
UPC: 602465069921

Deep Dark Blue
Artist: R.Y.F.
Format: Vinyl


1. Blue Feat. Moor Mother
2. Lies
3. Can I Can U Feat Skin
4. Droplets
5. Run Run Run
6. Violent Hopes
7. December 25th
8. Smash ; Destroy
9. Sirene
10. Deep Dark Feat Alos

More Info:

If blue is the color of sadness, or the best color to reach authenticity, R.Y.F. - the project of the Italian singer-songwriter and musician Francesca Morello, based in Ravenna - goes even further with the new album Deep Dark Blue. Deep Dark Blue is an underwater album, maybe it is even a deep-sea album. The sound is dark and muffled, as if we were in a sort of cradle, a blue bubble, a sea cocoon in which to wrap ourself ves to regenerate and achieve peace, but whose casing also conveys energy. Born following a dazzling baptism in the mesmerizing sea of Stromboli, in Sicily, Deep Dark Blue is an album of suffering and healing which confirms R.Y.F.'s destabilizing power. According to her: "Sometimes I experience moments of great suffering, in the last two years caused by my wife's health problems. I was "broken inside" and I didn't know if I would be able to go back to the way I was before. Deep Dark Blue tells how I felt and how I would like to rebuild myself. I still talk about the freedom to love, but I also felt the need to talk about suffering, and I tried to do all this with irony, in the most joyful way possible. And it worked. That's why this is also a healing album". In Deep Dark Blue there are also some important guests, underlining R.Y.F.'s rise in her international career. They are Moor Mother, Skin (Skunk Anansie) and Alos (aka Stefania Pedretti, formerly OvO and Allun), united by feminism, queerness and political activism, to get precious artistic affinities stronger in these hard times of new repression that we are experiencing. Deep Dark Blue arose from software and analog instruments and was then developed with Maurizio "Icio" Baggio (The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher), who also took care of recording, production, mixing and mastering at the music studio La Distilleria in Bassano del Grappa. Matteo Vallicelli (The Soft Moon, Death Index) participated in the production of some tracks. Although it flows with compact fluidity, the album highlights R.Y.F.'s mastery in expressing herself through different stylistic genres. There is a dark electro-punk common thread, but there are also blackness (Run Run Run), alt-metal guitars on dance house structures (Can I Can U feat. Skin), industrial doom (Deep Dark feat. Alos) and other experiments (the instrumental interludes Droplets and Sirene). The variety of sounds corresponds to a spontaneous variety of topics. The theme of suffering opens and closes the tracklist with Blue and Deep Dark feat. Alos, almost as if to represent a first contact with the water and the culmination reaching the bottom of the abyss, and is approached both with a smile on the lips in the sexy Lies and from a more authorial perspective in the heartfelt Violent Hopes and December 25th, the first songs on the album to have been written. Deep Dark Blue by R.Y.F. is an immersion from which you emerge different from your old self, some kind of magical creature in a new form, but it is first of all an electric shock from which one is violently happy to be struck. Genre: Alternative / Electronic