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Format: Vinyl
Label: RPBL
Rel. Date: 03/26/2021
UPC: 602507468330

Collections From The Whiteout [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear 2LP]
Artist: Ben Howard
Format: Vinyl


1. Follies Fixture
2. What a Day
3. Crowhurst's Meme
4. Finders Keepers
5. Far Out
6. Rookery
7. You Have Your Way
8. Sage That She Was Burning
9. Sorry Kid
10. Unfurling
11. Metaphysical Cantations
12. Make Arrangements
13. The Strange Last Flight of Richard Russell
14. Buzzard

More Info:

Ben Howard - "Collections From The Whiteout" Republic Records; R Singer/Songwriter - Ben Howard returns with his fourth album, Collections From The Whiteout, produced alongside Aaron Dessner. The foreboding darkness that coated his second record, and thinly veiled it's follow-up, isn't so evident on Collections. Written from headlines scanned or news stories scrolled, he creates an aural scrapbook that reverberates with tape loops and guitar FXs. An England puffed up into absurdity by political outrage and infighting all fed these songs.