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Format: Collectibles
Label: IRSU
Rel. Date: 04/30/2021
UPC: 602883134164

Iron Studios - Infinity Saga - Hulk Minico
Artist: Iron Studios
Format: Collectibles

More Info:


Gaining momentum to jump into action, with his powerful feet resting on a base of asphalt debris that was once an urban road, the emerald Goliath raises his arms with closed fists ready to do what he does best . "Hulk smashes" in another Iron Studios launch in the stylized MiniCo line, composed of statues in the Toy Art format.

Inspired by his version of the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, the incredible "Hulk - The Infinity Saga - Minico", from Iron Studios, adds the figure of the Marvel green giant in the collection, referring to the memorable scene of the film when the furious hero fights with Iron Man in his Mark XLIV Hulkbuster armor.

Product Details

  • Ages 14 and above
  • Size: 5.1 L x 5.5 W x 9 H
  • Country of origin: China