Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/03/2023
UPC: 603111760216

Who Wants To Die Tonight?
Artist: Last Gasp
Format: Vinyl

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Cleveland is a city steeped in disappointment, in despair, in folly; it's the sort of city you cancount on to let you down. Maturing in this sort of area is not without it's silver linings though.Coming up in Cleveland instills a sense of grit, resiliency, and white-knuckle determination. LASTGASP is a band that embodies these attributes. Despite an existence plagued by ups and downs,the band has embodied Cleveland's unique 'you've gotta be tough' attitude and continued topush through a series of setbacks and bad luck since their inception. The departure of their entirerhythm section in 2022, a seemingly devastating blow at the time, wound up breathing new lifeinto the band. The addition of new drummer Tony Robinson and bassist Joe Kepich solidifiedthe bands foundation while guitarist Dave Kuhlman assumed a more significant role in the bandssong writing. With the lineup rounded out by vocalist Ryan Hardwick, the band reemerged witha heavier sound that is equally polished, visceral, and raw.This progression and evolution is captured on Who Wants to Die Tonight?, Last Gasp's firstLP on L.A.-based WAR Records. Mixing equal parts of early A.F.I. with harder-edged bandslike ROTTING OUT, ALLEGIANCE, PANIC, and RIGHT BRIGADE, Who Wants to Die Tonight?captures a band firing at all cylinders and creating a sound forged from influences of the pastwhile still retaining a modern sound. Recorded at the acclaimed Spyder Studios with engineerBen Schiegal (RINGWORM, IT DIES TODAY, MACHINE GUN KELLY), mixed and mastered byNick Jett (TERROR), and featuring artwork and layout by David Maynard, the album is roundedout by a guest vocal spot from Cleveland native Don Foose (THE SPUDMONSTERS), who addshis unique vocal styling to the track 'Seizure The Day.' Last Gasp's Who Wants to Die Tonight?will be released Halloween 2023 on WAR Records.TRACK LISTSIDE ONE1. Who Wants To Die Tonight?2. Oh, Fatal Practicality3. Safe Midwestern Home4. Seizure The Day5. Delusion Of NeedSIDE TWO1. Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Hell2. Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated3. Smear Campaign4. October 13th5. Nightmare City