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Format: CD
Label: JSMR
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
UPC: 604988107128

Crazy, Crazy Feelin' - The Definitive Early Doug Sahm
Artist: Doug Sahm
Format: CD


1. A Real American Joe (Little Doug ; the Bandits)
2. Rollin' Rollin' (Little Doug ; the Bandits)
3. Crazy Daisy (Doug Sahm ; the Pharaohs)
4. If You Ever Need Me (Doug Sahm ; the Pharaohs)
5. Whirlaway
6. Crazy Daisy (Doug Sahm ; the Knights)
7. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
8. Why, Why, Why (Doug Sahm ; the Mar-Kays)
9. Just a Moment (Alternate Take)
10. Sapphire (Doug Sahm ; the Mar-Kays)
11. Baby Tell Me (Doug Sahm ; the Mar-Kays)
12. Slow Down (Doug Sahm ; the Dell Kings)
13. More and More (Doug Sahm ; the Dell Kings)
14. Sapphire (Doug Sahm with the Spot Barnett Band)
15. Just a Moment (Doug Sahm with the Spot Band
16. Makes No Difference
17. Big Hat
18. Crazy, Crazy Feelin'
19. Baby What's on Your Mind
20. Two Hearts in Love
21. Just Because
22. Little Angel
23. Cry
24. Lucky Me
25. A Year Ago Today
26. Bill Beaty
27. Mr Kool
28. Rock-Tick-Tock (Jimmy Dee)
29. I Feel Like Rockin' (Jimmy Dee)
30. Sweetmeats (Spot Barnett)

More Info:

Long before he tasted success with The Sir Douglas Quintet in the mid-1960s, Doug Sahm had been cutting records since the mid-50s, starting in his early teens. Very much a child prodigy, Doug was proficient on five musical instruments and cut his first record, aged 14, billed as "Little Doug & The Bandits". This compilation anthologises his early recording career, from 1955 to 1962, across a half-dozen record labels. Many of these sides were popular local jukebox and radio hits, in and around San Antonio and Texas, at the time. Includes collectors' items like 'Crazy Daisy' (on Warrior), 'Why, Why, Why' (on Harlem), and 'Crazy, Crazy Feelin', 'Two Hearts In Love' and 'Little Angel' (all on Renner). This is the most comprehensive collection of Sahm's pre-Sir Doug recordings ever assembled; much of this material is unavailable elsewhere and a dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.