Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/18/2022
UPC: 604988108422

Juke Joint To Juke Box: The Anthology 1952-1962
Artist: Lattie Moore
Format: CD


1. Juke Joint Johnny
2. It's Good Enough for You
3. My First Love
4. Baby I'll Soon Be Gone
5. Foolish Castles
6. I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent
7. Don't Trade the Old for the New
8. I'm Gonna Tell You Something
9. A Brand New Case of Love
10. Pull Down the Blinds
11. What Am I Supposed to Do
12. They're Not Worth the Paper They're Written on
13. I Gotta Go Home (And Catch Up on My Sleep)
14. Under a Mexico Moon
15. One Hundred Thousand Women Can't Be Wrong
16. Lonesome Man Blues
17. Why Did You Lie to Me
18. You Never Looked Sweeter
19. Juke Box Johnnie
20. Pretty Woman Blues (Brain Cloudy Blues)
21. Just a Waitin'
22. Too Hot to Handle
23. Cajun Doll
24. If the Creek Don't Rise
25. Sundown and Sorrow
26. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin
27. Here I Am Drunk Again
28. I Told You So

More Info:

In the realms of 1950s rockabilly, Lattie Moore's original 1952 recording of 'Juke Joint Johnny' is considered by a significant number of collectors to be the earliest example of a genre that had not yet been invented. It wasn't a big hit, and it didn't bring much fame or fortune to Lattie at the time - but 20 years or so later it made him a hero to young UK rockabilly fans, many of whom were not yet born when he recorded it for Speed Records. Hit or not, 'Juke Joint Johnny' did sell well enough to bring Lattie to the attention of the King label, for whom he recorded the great material that makes up most of Jasmine's "Juke Joint To Juke Box" - the most complete overview of his early career to date. As well as two versions of his classic debut recording - cut 6 years apart - the 28 tracks here include other Lattie collector favourites like 'Why Did You Lie To Me', 'I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent' (revived in the 1990s by Tulsa's Tractors, who had a big country hit with it) and early 60s honky tonk gems such as 'Drivin' Nails In My Coffin' and 'Here I Am Drunk Again'. While the accent throughout is definitely on the upbeat, Lattie's way with a slowie is also highlighted by selections such as 'Foolish Castles' and 'Lonesome Man Blues'. Lattie lived long enough to know that his premium quality hillbilly recordings were being appreciated by a younger generation. Jasmine's new collection - remastered as always from the best possible sources - shows exactly why there was so much love for Lattie Harrison Moore and his music, so many years after it was made.