Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/18/2022
UPC: 604988111422

Guitar Boogie Shuffle & Other Guitar Greats 55-62
Artist: Frank Virtue & The Virtues
Format: CD


1. Ooh Ya Gotta
2. Good Bye Mambo
3. Rollin' An' a Rockin'
4. Jimmy's Shuffle
5. Go Joe Go
6. Toodle-Oo Kangaroo
7. Hop Skip Jump Mambo
8. Rattle My Bones - Frank Virtuoso
9. Mambo Rock - Frank Virtuoso
10. I Ain't Gonna Do It No More - Frank Virtuoso
11. Let's Have a Party - Frank Virtuoso
12. My Constant Love - Frank Virtuoso ; His Men of Virtue
13. I'm Going Home- Frank Virtuoso ; His Men of Virtue
14. I Think You're Lying - Jimmy Vespe
15. Guitar Boogie Shuffle
16. Guitar in Orbit
17. Flippin' In'
18. Shufflin' Along
19. Pickin' the Stroll
20. Virtue's Boogie Woogie (Pine Tops Boogie)
21. Pony Walk
22. Highland Guitar
23. Happy Guitar
24. Guitar Boogie Twist
25. Guitar Shimmy
26. Marching Guitars
27. Tel-Star Guitar
28. Jersey Bounce

More Info:

Originally a childhood prodigy violinist, Philadelphia-born FRANK VIRTUE took up guitar and double bass as a teenager, in the mid-1940s. His musical roots were based on the sound and style of the immediate pre-WWII Big Bands, and his earliest line-ups of THE VIRTUES, who were formed initially as THE VIRTUOSO TRIO,?reflected these influences. But by the mid-1950s they'd expanded to a quintet and were playing Big Beat and embryonic R&R, vying for popularity with local heroes Bill Haley & The Comets. In 1959 they registered a hit with "Guitar Boogie Shuffle", a revival of Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith's 1940s hit, which made the U. S. Top 10 and sold a couple of million copies. This compilation is built upon the subsequent Guitar Boogie Shuffle LP, also issued in 1959, plus assorted 45rpms issued between 1955-62, credited variously to The Virtues, Frank Virtuoso, Frank Virtuoso & His Men Of Virtue, and Jimmy Vespe (i. e. The band's lead guitarist).