Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/17/2023
UPC: 604988118520

Endless Sleep Man 1958-1962 (Uk)
Artist: Jody Reynolds
Format: CD


1. Endless Sleep
2. Tight Capris (With the?Storms)
3. Fire of Love
4. Daisy Mae
5. Closin' in
6. Elope with Me
7. Thunder (As the Storms)
8. Tarantula (As the Storms)
9. Golden Idol
10. Beaulah Lee (With the?Storms)
11. The Storm
12. Please Remember
13. The Whipping Post
14. I Wanna Be with You Tonight
15. Stone Cold
16. (The Girl with the) Raven Hair
17. Makin' Out (As the Storms)
18. Shot Down (As the Storms)
19. Dusty Skies
20. Come on Twist
21. Don't Jump
22. Stormy
23. The Girl from King Marie
24. Raggedy Ann

More Info:

Jody Reynolds is no doubt destined to be erroneously remembered as a "One Hit Wonder" for his very first record, the million-selling 'Endless Sleep'. Once heard, never forgotten, it's spooky, reverb-laden vocals and Al Casey's rumbling guitar lent dramatic tension to the disc, bestowing instant "killer" status on it. However, his follow up, the similarly-crafted 'Fire Of Love' (which would later be revived, memorably, by both the MC5 and Gun Club), also dented the US Top 100. Reynolds went on to record a powerful, wholly underrated body of work, which even includes a couple of Instro 45s, with his backing group The Storms, featuring him on lead guitar. This compilation is an attempt to anthologise all his releases between 1958-62, across seven different labels. Included herein are a number of sides which are serious collectors' rarities, impossible to find elsewhere on CD.