Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/17/2023
UPC: 604988119220

Bernie Keith's Two Minute Heroes / Various (Uk)
Artist: Bernie Keith's Two Minute Heroes / Various
Format: CD


1. Billy Fury - That's Love
2. Marty Wilde - It's Been Nice
3. Jimmy Crawford - I Shoulda Listened to Mama
4. Mike Berry ;?the Outlaws - My Baby Doll
5. The Shadows - Kon-Tiki
6. Joe Brown ; the Bruvvers - It Only Took a Minute
7. Adam Faith - Made You
8. Doug Sheldon - I?Saw Linda Yesterday
9. The Sunsets - Cry of the Wild Goose
10. Julie Grant - Lonely Sixteen
11. The John Barry Seven - Beat Girl Main Title Theme
12. Cliff Richard ; the Shadows - Gee Whiz It's You
13. The Krew Kats - Trambone
14. Craig Douglas - What Do You Want
15. Emile Ford ; the Checkmates - Gypsy?Love
16. Jimmy?Justice - Write Me a Letter
17. Johnny Gavotte - Can't Forget
18. The Outlaws - Rodeo
19. The Viscounts - That's All Right
20. Helen Shapiro - Let's Talk About Love
21. The Brook Brothers - He's Old Enough to Know Better
22. Penny - Who?Does He Think He Is?
23. The Eagles - Exodus
24. Shane Fenton ; the Fentones - Cindy's Birthday
25. Lee Diamond - Stop Your Crying
26. Vince Eager - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
27. The Springfields - the Johnson Boys
28. Lance Fortune - Be Mine
29. The Vernons Girls - Be Nice to Him Mama
30. The Fentones - Lover's Guitar
31. John Leyton - Six White Horses
32. Ottilie Patterson - Me and My Chauffeur Blues
33. Nero ; the Gladiators - in the Hall of the Mountain King
34. Dickie Pride - Frantic
35. Cliff Bennett ; the Rebel Rousers - You've Got What I?Like
36. Michael Cox - Honey Cause I Love You
37. The Flee-Rekkers - Sunburst
38. Tommy?Steele - Come on, Let's Go!
39. Janice Peters - This Little Girl's Gone Rocking
40. Ricky Wayne with the Fabulous Flee-Rakkers - Hot Chicka'roo
41. Lord Rockingham's XI - the Squelch
42. Johnny Kidd ; the Pirates - a Shot of Rhythm ; Blues

More Info:

Back in the late 50s/early 60s, many R&R/Pop records were notoriously short on playing time, often clocking in at two minutes or less. The shortest UK No. 1 was 'What Do You Want, by Adam Faith (in 1959), at one minute thirty-eight seconds. These compilations, inspired by a suggestion from deejay BERNIE "ROCK'n'ROLL HEAVEN" KEITH, each feature three-and-a-half dozen "Sub-Two Minute Wonders"; i. e. forty-two killer tracks which get the business done in two minutes or less. You've got a bit of everything here; hits, misses, some that got away, B-sides, odd EP and/or LP tracks - but I'll bet none of you realised some of these were "quickies", until now! Featured artists include Billy Fury, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Marty Wilde, Joe Brown, Adam Faith, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Lord Rockingham's XI, Jimmy Justice, The Krew Kats, Helen Shapiro, John Leyton, Emile Ford & The Checkmates, and many more.