Sleepy Labeef - Lonely: The Early Years 1956-1962 (Uk)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 604988122220

Lonely: The Early Years 1956-1962 (Uk)
Artist: Sleepy Labeef
Format: CD


1. Baby Let's Play House
2. Don't Make Me Go
3. All Alone (As Sleepy la Beff)
4. I'm Through (As Sleepy la Beff)
5. All the Time (As Sleepy la Beff)
6. Lonely (As Sleepy la Beff)
7. All the Time (Alt Take)
8. Lonely (Alt Take)
9. I Ain't Gonna Take It
10. A Little Bit More
11. Home of the Blues (As Sleepy la Beff)
12. I Wish I Was the Moon (As Sleepy la Beff)
13. You're So Easy to Love (As Sleepy la Beff)
14. Ballad of a Teenage Queen (As Sleepy la Beff)
15. The Ways of a Woman in Love (As Sleepy la Beff)
16. You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven (As Sleepy la Beff)
17. Guess Things Happen That Way (As Sleepy la Beff)
18. Can't Get You Off My Mind (As Sleepy la Beff)
19. I Found Out (As Sleepy la Beff)
20. Ridin' Fence (As Sleepy Labeff ; His Versatiles)
21. Turn Me Loose (As Sleepy Labeff ; His Versatiles)
22. Ride on Josephine (As Sleepy la Beff ; the Versatiles)
23. Walkin' Slowly (As Sleepy la Beff ; the Versatiles)
24. Lonely (As Tommy la Beff)
25. Tore Up (As Tommy la Beff)
26. Ride on Josephine (As Sleepy Labeff)
27. Lonely (As Sleepy Labeff)
28. Drink Up and Go Home (As Sleepy la Beff)
29. Teardrop on a Rose (As Sleepy la Beff)
30. A Long Time to Forget
31. Goodnight Irene
32. Leave Me Alone with the Blues
33. Oh So Many Years
34. Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time

More Info:

The mighty Sleepy LaBeef (he stood 6'6", built like a tank) was a regular visitor to the UK and Europe during the 80s and 90s, building a reputation as an awesome live performer with his vast, lugubrious repertoire of R&R, Rockabilly, R&B, Country, Blues and even Gospel material. However, he was already something of a veteran by this stage, having commenced his recording career back in the mid-1950s. This compilation sweeps up Sleepy's earliest recordings, between 1956 and 1962, many of which were not originally released. During this period he re-recorded a couple of these songs, hence multiple versions of certain titles; however, each is sufficiently different to it's earlier incarnation that the fact that there are four versions of 'Lonely', ain't a problem! Much of this material is difficult to find elsewhere on CD.