Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/19/2022
UPC: 604988274325

Vision On / Sound On: Themes & Rarities / Various
Artist: Vision On / Sound On: Themes & Rarities / Various
Format: CD


1. 2Lo Calling
2. On the Air
3. Here's Looking at You
4. Television
5. Band Waggon
6. It's That Man Again (It's That March Again)
7. Much Binding in the Marsh
8. Dick Barton Special Agent (The Devil's Gallop)
9. Take It from Here
10. Ray's a Laugh
11. Educating Archie
12. In All Directions
13. The Goon Show (Crazy Rhythm)
14. The Goon Show (Lucky Strike)
15. Hancock's Half Hour
16. The Navy Lark (Trade Wind Hornpipe)
17. The Navy Lark
18. Saturday Club (Saturday Jump)
19. The Men from the Ministry (Top Dog)
20. Lunch Box (Lunch Boxer)
21. Watch with Mother
22. Andy Pandy
23. Bill and Ben
24. Sooty Theme
25. Captain Pugwash (Trumpet Hornpipe)
26. Crackerjack
27. Ivor the Engine
28. Blue Peter (Barnacle Bill)
29. Four Feather Falls
30. Stop-Look-Listen
31. Ad - White Tide / Mr Whippy / Mynade
32. Them from Itv's "64000 Question"
33. Citizen James (Sids Tune)
34. The Rag Trade
35. Ad - Alka Seltzer / Eskimo / Birds Jelly
36. Coronation Street Lancashire Blues
37. The Rover's Chorus (To You)
38. Ad - Listerine Toothpaste / Philips 303 Radios
39. ABC Ident [0:06]
40. Our House
41. The Avengers Theme Ad - Coca-Cola / MacKintoshs Weekend / Service High Zone
42. Associated-Rediffusion Ident
43. Here and Now (Berlin Melody)
44. Ad - Outspan / Choffees / Slimsville (Chick Shape)
45. ATV Ident
46. Two of a Kind
47. Dixon of Dock Green (An Ordinary Copper)
48. Come Dancing
49. Maigret
50. Outbreak of Murder
51. Closedown - God Save the King (Excerpt)

More Info:

2022 sees the hundredth anniversary of both licenced broadcasting in the UK and the BBC. This CD set celebrates this and contains a musical collection of themes, spin-offs and songs about broadcasting from it's first 40 years, a time when the signature tunes and themes were as important as the shows themselves. The set includes such rarities as the full unedited version of Here's Looking at You from the first public television broadcasts to Radio Olympia in 1936 and Television from the official opening of the TV Service. Full themes from drama and comedy shows, children's programmes from both Radio and TV plus long unheard jingles from TV commercials, and many themes that have never been re-issued on CD such as the Carry On related Our House, the alternate Warner Brothers recording of the Maigret theme by Ron Grainer, the complete unedited single version of An Ordinary Copper from Dixon of Dock Green and more, alongside station idents and spin-off records like Pat Phoenix's Rover Chorus from Coronation Street. Add to this other classic themes and station idents, all mastered to Jasmine's usual high standard. And you have a perfect celebration of the golden age of broadcasting