George Sanders  / Niven,David - Two English Gentlemen In Hollywood (Uk)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 604988278521

Two English Gentlemen In Hollywood (Uk)
Artist: George Sanders / Niven,David
Format: CD


1. George Sanders - Try A Little Tenderness
2. George Sanders - They Didn't Believe Me
3. George Sanders - September Song
4. George Sanders - As Time Goes By
5. George Sanders - Give Me Something To Remember You By
6. George Sanders - If You Were The Only Girl In The World
7. George Sanders - The Very Thought Of You
8. George Sanders - Around The World
9. George Sanders - Such Is My Love
10. George Sanders - Wonderful One
11. George Sanders - More Than You Know
12. George Sanders - I'll See You In My Dreams
13. David Niven - Mark Twain To Livvy
14. David Niven - Napoleon To Josephine
15. David Niven - Franz Liszt To The Countess
16. David Niven - Abraham Lincoln To "The OTHER" MARY
17. David Niven - Percy Shelley To Mary Godwin
18. David Niven - Henry Viii To Anne Boleyn
19. David Niven - Gustav Flaubert To Louise
20. David Niven - Richard Wagner To Minna Planer
21. David Niven - Ludwig Van Beethoven To The "Immortal Beloved"
22. David Niven - Robert Browning To Elizabeth Barrett
23. David Niven - Edgar Allan Poe To Mrs. Helen Whitman
24. David Niven - Robert Schumann To Clara

More Info:

Two quintessential "English Gentlemen", GEORGE SANDERS and DAVID NIVEN became huge international stars during "The Golden Age Of Hollywood". Sanders, ironically, was born in Russia, although his family came to the UK at the outbreak of the Russian Revolution. Niven, conversely, was a Sandhurst graduate, which where he perfected his trademark "officer and gentleman" bearing.m Whilst domiciled and working in Hollywood, each actor recorded a memorable LP, which are paired up on this unique release. Sanders - a talented musician and an excellent singer - cut an album of standards, titled "The George Sanders Touch... Songs For The Lovely Lady". Niven - who had no known musical prowess - opted for the "spoken word" route, which yielded "David Niven Reads The World's Most Famous Love Letters". These are two surprisingly enjoyable albums; go on, treat yourself!