Format: CD
Label: Jasmine Records
Rel. Date: 07/21/2023
UPC: 604988325928

Life Can Be A Hard Road To Travel - Blues And Jump
Artist: Joe August Mr. Google Eyes
Format: CD


1. Young Boy
2. Poppa Stoppa's Be Bop Blues
3. Rough and Rocky Road
4. No Wine, No Women
5. For You My Love
6. Rough and Rocky Road
7. I'm Glad You're Comin' Home
8. No Wine, No Women
9. Love Me
10. Life Can Be a Hard Road to Travel
11. Cryin' for You
12. Rock My Soul
13. Japoline
14. Bad Nerves
15. I Cried
16. Just to Be Home with You
17. My Old Love
18. Whose Little Who Are You?
19. O What a Fool
20. Play the Game
21. Lead Us on
22. Oh, Ho Doodle Lu
23. Strange Things Happening in the Dark
24. Boogie with Calypso
25. Everything Happens at Night
26. Tell Me

More Info:

JOSEPH CHARLES AUGUSTUS, from New Orleans - known as "GOOGLE EYES", as he had an enthusiastic eye for the ladies - was a popular Blues singer between the late 40s and early 60s.