Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/15/2022
UPC: 604988377422

Good Deal Lucille (Uk)
Artist: Al Terry
Format: CD


1. Shoot Me a Line (Al Terry ; the L.A. Hayriders)
2. Good Deal, Lucille
3. Show Me That You Love Me
4. House of Glass
5. Let's Postpone Our Wedding
6. Hate Me Not
7. No, No, John
8. Not Anymore (Wilma Lee ; Al Terry)
9. We Make a Lovely Couple (You and I) (Wilma Lee ; Al Terry)
10. Follow Me
11. No Shrimp Today
12. Without You
13. Roughneck Blues
14. Am I Seeing Things
15. Money (Al Terry with Rusty ; Doug)
16. If I Win, I Win
17. Late Date
18. It's What You Are to Me
19. Coconut Girl
20. Bring Me Some Rain
21. Good Deal, Lucille (Second Version)
22. Because I'm Yours (But You're Not Mine)
23. It's Just As Well (Al Terry ; Wilma Lee)
24. I'm Not the Girl You Left Behind (Al Terry ; Wilma Lee)
25. My Baby Knows
26. Your Sweet Lies
27. It's Better Late Than Never
28. Watch Dog
29. Passing the Blues Around
30. Miss Me, Miss Mary Ann
31. As You Desire Me
32. I Saw the Enemy Today
33. Today's Another Day (Like Yesterday)
34. Bourbon Street Parade

More Info:

A hugely prolific recording artist, Al Terry is chiefly remembered for his signature hit 'Good Deal, Lucille', and the handful of Hillbilly and neo-Rockabilly sides he cut for Hickory Records in the mid-50s. However, during the 1950s he also cut Honky-Tonk, mainstream Country and Nashville Countrypolitan sides, occasionally duetting with Wilma Lee, and Rusty & Doug Kershaw. In 1955, Country & Western Jamboree magazine placed him at #1 in a "Best New Artist" poll, ahead of Sonny James at #2 and Elvis at #3, conducted among deejays, retailers and distributors. Although his records rarely made the national charts, many of his releases were significant regional hits, notably in and around Louisiana.