Stu Davis - Red River Jamboree: Canada's Trail Riding Cowboy


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 604988379921

Red River Jamboree: Canada's Trail Riding Cowboy
Artist: Stu Davis
Format: CD


1. Driftwood on the River
2. Paddle Your Own Canoe
3. Blue Guitar
4. Nee Ha Nee
5. Dust
6. It Takes a Heap of Dreamin' (To Dream Your Blues Away)
7. The Kentuckian Song
8. Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockinn' Chair)
9. Waltz of the Roses
10. Legend of the White Buffalo
11. Honey Baby Mine
12. The Hangin' Tree
13. What a Fool I Was
14. The Rose Upon the Bible
15. Ripple Rock
16. I Went to Your Wedding
17. Why Should I Send You Flowers?
18. Canadian Waltz
19. I Looked for Love
20. Deserted
21. In Daddy's Footsteps
22. Land Sky and Water
23. I Tipped My Hat and Slowly Walked Away
24. Crossroads
25. Child of Divorce
26. Darlin', Now I Know the Reason Why
27. I Can Beat You Doin' (What You're Doin' to Me)

More Info:

Known as Canada's Trail Riding Cowboy Troubadour, he was a household name in Canada across four decades. He was famous for his smooth singing voice, his songwriting and colourful western stage suits. Includes his classic songs "Land, Sky And Water" and "What A Fool I Was". Although he was reluctant to work outside of Canada he became much loved on shows including WLS Chicago's "National Barn dance", plus the "Grand Ole Opry", "Sunset Valley Barndance" and "Town Hall". He hosted his own shows including "The Stu Davis Show", "Rope Around The Sun", "Red River Jamboree" and "Trail Riding Troubadour". He was Canada's favourite TV cowboy singer and TV presenter through the 1950s and 1960s. Until now, poorly served in the age of the CD with only one release, none of the tracks being repeated here. Here are 27 tracks all digitally remastered, including many taken from rare original 78rpm releases, plus all the tracks from his famous "Red River Jamboree" album plus those tracks from his "Rope Around The Sun" album that have not been reissued elsewhere.