Connie Hall - Bottle Or Me (Uk)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 604988380729

Bottle Or Me (Uk)
Artist: Connie Hall
Format: CD


1. Are You Mine (As Inez Hellman ; Delbert Barker)
2. You Ain't Never Gonna Change (As Inez Hellman)
3. We've Got Things in Common (With Jimmie Skinner)
4. I'm the Girl in the U.S.A
5. Where Do We Go from Here (With Jimmie Skinner)
6. A Hundred Hearts or More
7. You Deserved Your Invitation to the Blues
8. Third Party at the Table
9. Heartache Avenue
10. Married to a Friend (With Jimmie Skinner)
11. The Bottle or Me
12. After Date Rendezvous
13. It's Not Wrong
14. The Poison in Your Hand
15. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
16. Sittin' Out the Last Dance
17. I'm As Lonely As Anyone Can Be
18. Fools Like Me
19. What a Pleasure
20. The Key to Your World
21. Yes, There's a Reason
22. Half the Time
23. Foolin' Around
24. You're the Only Good Thing
25. Yellow Roses
26. Slowly
27. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
28. Love's Been Good to Me
29. I Miss You Every Way
30. Many Tears Ago
31. Fool Me Once
32. We Don't Have Much in Common (Anymore)

More Info:

Originally a discovery and protégé of Jimmie Skinner, with whom she also recorded prolifically, CONNIE HALL was one of the biggest female Country stars of the late 50s/early 60s. During this period she registered six significant C&W hits, 'The Bottle Or Me', 'It's Not Wrong', 'The Poison In Your Hand', 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep', 'What A Pleasure' and 'Fool Me Once'.All appear on this compilation, which features everything that Connie had released on the Mercury and Decca labels during 1958-62. Also included, as bonus tracks, are a pair of earlier sides she had recorded under her real name, Inez Hellman, before morphing into her better-known "Connie Hall" persona. A colossally collectable body of work, much of this material is extremely rare and is near-impossible to find elsewhere on CD.