Format: CD
Label: Winspear
Rel. Date: 10/27/2023
UPC: 606638762626

Away From The Castle
Artist: Video Age
Format: CD


1. Ready To Stay
2. Better Than Ever
3. Away From The Castle
4. Adrian
5. In The Breaks
6. How Long's Eternity?
7. Just Think
8. Anything For You
9. A Knight Shining With No Armor
10. Is It Really Over?
11. Golden Sun

More Info:

Video Age make breezy and timeless songs that are so ineable, they can only be the result of a decades-long friendship and songwriting partnership. Across four albums, Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli have gleefully worn their influences on their sleeve, writing inviting tunes that reference sounds ranging from disco to pop and indie rock. On their latest LP, Away From The Castle, the New Orleans duo have strayed from nostalgia and instead have honed their own unique musicality, making songs that sound like themselves with a taste of inspiration from classic singer-song-writers of the 60s and 70s. The album is a testament to the possibilities that come from getting out of your comfort zone, the freedom of writing vulnerably and unselfconsciously, and the joys of getting to work with your closest companions.