Format: Vinyl
Label: Winspear
Rel. Date: 11/10/2023
UPC: 606638762800

Long Is The Tunnel EP [Vinyl]
Artist: Daneshevskaya
Format: Vinyl


1. Challenger Deep
2. Somewhere in the Middle
3. Bougainvillea
4. Big Bird
5. Pink Mold
6. Roy G Biv
7. Ice Pigeon

More Info:

Daneshevskaya (Dawn-eh-shev-sky-uh), the project of New York’s Anna Beckerman, writes songs steeped in the folklore of her own personal history. Her artist (and real middle) name comes from her Russian-Jewish great-grandmother, a person whose presence she has always felt although their paths never crossed in real life. Beckerman grew up in a musical family; her father is a music professor, her mother studied opera and her own songs often feel spiritual, less so by any religious connotation and more as a hymn-like, archival record of Beckerman’s own past, present and future.