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Format: CD
Label: DMOO
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
UPC: 608917137828

Without Dimensions
Artist: Karosi / Monder
Format: CD

More Info:

Júlia Karosi writes of her new album: "I always wondered whether music belongs to any of the dimensions as theorized in the "standard model" in modern physics. I summarized my subjective answer as the title of this album. I believe that music's apparent lack of dimensions pertains to it's unique ability to lift us humans into a sphere of existence where we become unaware of time and space. I also believe that these timeless experiences are usually tied to specific events in our lives, - often catching us unawares of their significance - the very moments that make our lives worth living for. I considered some unforgettable moments in my own life with the programmatic titles in my original compositions in this album. Rebirth reflects on the birth of my son followed by Insomnia (obviously), Words and Beyond is a conflict between verbal and non-verbal forms of expression. Madeleine Moment is a musical quote of Marcel Proust's poetic description of involuntary memory in his In Search of Lost Time. In this album I wish to pay a "jazz tribute" to two of the greatest Hungarian composers of the twentieth century, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály with arrangements and jazz transcriptions of their works. I hope they wouldn't mind!"