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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/22/2021
UPC: 609408120510

Rural Felicity: Fiddle Tunes From 18th And 19th
Artist: Jim Wood
Format: CD


1. The Cuckoo's Nest/College Hornpipe
2. Miss McLeod's Reel/Opera Reel
3. Circus Air Waltz
4. Morpeth Rant/Guilderoy
5. Maurice French Minuet
6. Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning/Come Haste to the Wedding,(Rural Felicity)/Irish Washerwoman
7. Washington's March
8. Fisher's Hornpipe/Portsmouth Hornpipe
9. O Dear, What Can the Matter Be/Molly Put the Kettle On
10. Democratic Hornpipe/Rickett's Hornpipe
11. Logan Water
12. Highland Reel/Money Musk
13. Allen's Clog
14. Soldier's Joy/Arkansas Traveler/The Fairy Dance
15. Durang's Hornpipe/Red Lion Hornpipe
16. Roslin Castle
17. Oyster River/Beaux of Albany/Henson's Favorite
18. Planxty George Brabazon
19. Paddy Whack/Rory O'Moore/Pledge to Julia
20. Jenny Lind's Favorite Polka/March to Boston
21. MacDonald's Reel/Speed the Plough
22. Home Sweet Home/Dixie/Yankee Doodle
23. My Peggy Is a Young Thing
24. White Cockade/Flowers of Edinburgh
25. Devil's Dream/Highland Man Kissed His Mother/The Mason's Apron

More Info:

Rural Felicity, brings together a master fiddler, Jim Wood, with a collection of 18th and 19th American fiddle and fife tunes drawn from an extensive collection of historic manuscripts. The American Vernacular Music Manuscripts is an online collection of original, 1730-1910 music manuscripts that come from the collections of the Center for Popular Music and the American Antiquarian Society. Jim carefully researched the site to choose over 40 tunes to arrange and record. His collection combines fiddle standards old and new, song melodies, airs, minuets, waltzes and more to offer a glimpse into the music people liked to play in their homes in America a century or more ago. Scholar, Chris Goertzen, an authority on early American fiddling, contributed a detailed essay for the liner notes that provide history and context about the tunes and the manuscript collection itself.