Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/01/2023
UPC: 609408567650

Uncle Shuffelo & His Haint Hollow Hootenanny
Artist: Uncle Shuffelo & His Haint Hollow Hootenanny
Format: CD


1. Track 1
2. Sally Ann
3. Track 3
4. Buck Creek Gals
5. Track 5
6. Shout You Cats
7. Track 7
8. Red Hot Breakdown
9. Track 9
10. K.C. Moan
11. Track 11
12. the Bible's True
13. Track 13
14. Run Mountain
15. Track 15
16. the Twelves (The Dirty Dozens)
17. Track 17
18. Alabama Jubilee
19. 1
20. in the Hills of Tennessee
21. 1
22. Jackson Stomp
23. 1
24. the Preacher Got Drunk
25. 1
26. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
27. 14.. June Apple
28. 1
29. Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy
30. 1
31. Just Because
32. 1
33. Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
34. 1
35. Leave It There ^1.19

More Info:

Uncle Shuffelo and His Haint Hollow Hootenanny are unmistakably part of a tradition of homegrown, Middle Tennessee old-time music. While they describe themselves as not being a "family band," they are kin and are in good company with other well-known Middle Tennessee family music makers such as Uncle Dave Macon and his son, Dorris and Sam & Kirk McGee. The band sings and plays music that is traditional, fun and diverse but that also fits their shared strengths and wide interests in new and old music. You'll hear tunes on this record that were pulled from popular old-time country and string band sources such as Mainers Mountaineers, the Tennessee Ramblers, Uncle Dave Macon, Jimmie Rodgers and Earl Johnson. This is old time music at it's best and this, their first serious recording, will be a hit with anyone who likes American roots music.